Friday, November 19, 2010

Cape Cod Chronicle Column 11/25/10

Guess that Number!

*6 billion...
Tons of extra waste Americans generate between Thanksgiving and New Year's (25% more than usual).

less energy used by Energy Star-qualified holiday lights, compared with conventional strands.

*1.5 billion...
Christmas cards sent in the U.S. each year. Consider Christmas postcards instead - less postage and MUCH less paper!

*16.6 billion...
letters and packages delivered in December 2009.

*38 thousand...
miles of ribbon thrown out each year.

of Americans say they would prefer a reduced focus on holiday gifts.

of annual battery sales occuring during the holidays.

*50 million...
Christmas trees cut down in the U.S. each holiday season.

*30 million...
Christmas trees that end up in landfills each year.

*4 thousand...
Christmas tree recycling programs across the U.S.

(Multiple sources including Audubon, Nov-Dec 2010. Thanks, Jeanne!)
Congratulations to our Girl Scouts!

Caty Street, Emma Bowden, Alena Hunt and Madison Murphy-Canto of Junior Troop 8785 received Bronze Awards on Sunday November 21st at the annual Pot-Luck Supper.  This highest award a Junior Girl Scout can receive was given for the girls' work in the past year on recycling, especially with various Chatham Recycles events. We thank you so much for all your help and are proud and happy for you on the occasion of this well-deserved award!
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cape Cod Chronicle Column 11/11/10


ChathamRecycles' 3rd annual Drop & Swap was a big success!! 

Our e-waste collection took in over 20 computers, 20 monitors, 32 TV’s and many other non-CRT electronics including printers, phones, keyboards, radios and stereo equipment. These are guaranteed to be recycled responsibly by Metech Recycling.

Many items came and went all day at the Gift Shop. Special thanks to Monica, our AmeriCorps member serving with the Town this year, for the preparation; to Bob Staake for the eye-catching poster; to Bob & Jeanne Eaves and their helpers for the extra assistance; to Jack, Dave, Joe and Carl for helping facilitate; to the Girl Scouts for their participation in the special collections…..and of course to our visiting AmeriCorps volunteers!!

Special collections took in many donations for:  Bikes Not Bombs, Brewster Animal Rescue Shelter, Lower Cape Outreach Council, Crazy Crayons, New Eyes for the Needy, Nike's Reuse-a-Shoe, Cell Phones for Soldiers, and Trick or Teeth for Appalachia residents.

Drop & Swap guests were treated to free apple cider, reusable shopping bags, bumper stickers and informational pamphlets.

Thanks so very much to all who attended, assisted or donated items, especially:

Chatham Village Market
Carmine's Pizza, Chatham
East Harwich Stop & Shop
AmeriCorps Cape Cod Volunteers
Chatham Girl Scout Junior Troop 8785 and Cadette Troop 8775
Chatham Transfer Station Staff
And YOU, our Droppers & Swappers!

This event was funded in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

November 15 is America Recycles Day. Please pledge to increase your recycling and encourage family & friends!
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cape Cod Chronicle Column 9/30/10


At Lighthouse Beach, Kate Gould Park, the Community Center??

Now, before you look down with worry and start mentally retracing your steps....

We're talking trash cans!

Specifically, Chatham's three new “BigBelly” solar-powered trash compactors. These new additions to the town's solid waste program, and their accompanying recycling receptacles, were obtained in early summer through a grant from the Massachusetts' Renewable Energy Trust, now partnered with the state's Clean Energy Center.

The containers compact the trash through a solar-powered motor, allowing for fewer pickups per day. The recycling containers alongside each BigBelly do not compact but rather encourage convenient, immediate recycling of bottles and cans.

While purchasing the rather pricey BigBellys for the approximately 100 trash can locations throughout Chatham is not realistic at this time, they do, according to Chatham Director of Parks and Recreation Dan Tobin, prove particulary helpful at high usage locations and activities like Lighthouse Beach, Kate Gould Park (Band Concerts), the Community Center
and special events.

So the next time you’re enjoying one of Chatham's favorite destinations or colorful fairs and festivals, look for a Big Belly!
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Cape Cod Chronicle Column 9/16/10

A Very Happy School Year to All!

So that we can all be Educated Earthlings, here are a few tips for any remaining purchases for your student...

Please try to buy:
    •    Pencils (Post Consumer Waste (PCW) content or wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council  (FSC)
    *    Refillable pens
    •    Notebooks and paper supplies made of recycled paper (PCW and Process Chlorine Free (PCF)
    •    Notebooks covered in cardboard
    •    Water-based paints and poster paints
    •    White school glue or paste
    •    Lunchboxes with re-usable containers

Please try to avoid:
    •    Magic markers
    •    Disposable pens
    •    Plastic folders, notebooks
    •    Acrylic paints and scented art products
    •    Epoxy or instant bonding glues
    •    Dyes made of fiber reactive or commercial dyes
    •    Paper and plastic lunch bags - plastic and aluminum wrap

Encourage your student to recycle at school and maybe even join the Recycling Club!
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