Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cape Cod Chronicle Column 9/16/10

A Very Happy School Year to All!

So that we can all be Educated Earthlings, here are a few tips for any remaining purchases for your student...

Please try to buy:
    •    Pencils (Post Consumer Waste (PCW) content or wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council  (FSC)
    *    Refillable pens
    •    Notebooks and paper supplies made of recycled paper (PCW and Process Chlorine Free (PCF)
    •    Notebooks covered in cardboard
    •    Water-based paints and poster paints
    •    White school glue or paste
    •    Lunchboxes with re-usable containers

Please try to avoid:
    •    Magic markers
    •    Disposable pens
    •    Plastic folders, notebooks
    •    Acrylic paints and scented art products
    •    Epoxy or instant bonding glues
    •    Dyes made of fiber reactive or commercial dyes
    •    Paper and plastic lunch bags - plastic and aluminum wrap

Encourage your student to recycle at school and maybe even join the Recycling Club!
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