Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cape Cod Chronicle Column 9/30/10


At Lighthouse Beach, Kate Gould Park, the Community Center??

Now, before you look down with worry and start mentally retracing your steps....

We're talking trash cans!

Specifically, Chatham's three new “BigBelly” solar-powered trash compactors. These new additions to the town's solid waste program, and their accompanying recycling receptacles, were obtained in early summer through a grant from the Massachusetts' Renewable Energy Trust, now partnered with the state's Clean Energy Center.

The containers compact the trash through a solar-powered motor, allowing for fewer pickups per day. The recycling containers alongside each BigBelly do not compact but rather encourage convenient, immediate recycling of bottles and cans.

While purchasing the rather pricey BigBellys for the approximately 100 trash can locations throughout Chatham is not realistic at this time, they do, according to Chatham Director of Parks and Recreation Dan Tobin, prove particulary helpful at high usage locations and activities like Lighthouse Beach, Kate Gould Park (Band Concerts), the Community Center
and special events.

So the next time you’re enjoying one of Chatham's favorite destinations or colorful fairs and festivals, look for a Big Belly!
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