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Cape Cod Chronicle Column July 7, 2011


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* Recycling conserves natural resources such as water, minerals and wood which are necessary to make brand new products.
* Recycling saves energy because less is used to manufacture new products.
* Recycling produces fewer greenhouse gases thereby addressing global warming, because industries burn fewer fossil fuels in manufacturing and transportation.
* Recycling kept 82 million tons of waste from landfills and incinerators in 2009.
* Recycling does not always earn a profit, but it always costs less than waste disposal.
* Towns and individuals can earn money from some recyclables.
* Recycling programs create 4 jobs for every 1 job in the waste disposal industry.
* By conserving natural resources, recycling prevents the destruction of many natural habitats.
* Recycling decreases soil erosion associated with the mining and logging of natural resources.

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