Friday, September 30, 2011

Cape Cod Chronicle Column March 17, 2011


Check out the following behaviors from "Environmental Leader" and see where you land on the "Green Gauge." Do you:

*Buy environmentally friendly products?
*Buy products which use less packaging?
*Limit energy use at home?
*Buy energy-efficient appliances/insulation?
*Refuse to buy products from companies with poor environmental
*Buy recycled products?
*Recycle at home?

None of the above = totally green-less! (16% of population)
1 to 4 of the above = light green (50% of population)
5 or 6 = medium green (27%)
All 7 = deep lush green (7%)

Want to get even greener? Try reusable shopping bags; buy local; support Farmers Markets; carry reusable water bottle & coffee mug; use a rain barrel for watering lawn & garden; use CFL light bulbs throughout the house.

Toast yourself this St. Patrick's Day for all you do. Then think about what we can all do to make ourselves even greener!

It's not always easy being green, but it's always worth it!
Thanks so much to all who helped make our 2nd Annual Book & Media Swap a huge success!

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