Friday, September 30, 2011

Cape Cod Chronicle Column September 1, 2011


A new school year means new stuff! Supplies, calculators, clothes, backpacks, etc. Consider these tips as you prepare:

School Supplies
• Many supplies are reusable. Reuse notebooks with paper left ; folders that are not too battered; and backpacks, binders and calculators.
• Several organizations accept donated supplies for schools around the world. If there are items you can't reuse yourself, consider donating.
• When buying new supplies, look for products - pencils, notebooks, folder and other paper products - that contain recycled content.
• As much as possible, purchase supplies in bulk and with minimal packaging. This keeps materials out of the waste stream.

Lunches and Snacks
• Instead of plastic or paper bags, use reusable cloth or plastic containers. Buy a reusable plastic or metal container for drinks, rather than single-use water bottles or juice boxes. This saves you money and reduces waste.

Clothing, Electronics and Other Supplies
•Last year's clothes, shoes, sporting goods and backpacks may no longer fit. If they're in good, usable condition, consider donating them to charitable organizations, keeping them out of the trash loop and helping those in need.
• If replacing computers, printers, calculators or other electronics, consider donating or recycling them. Many organizations will accept donations of working electronics, and the Chatham Transfer Station accepts e-waste for recycling, some for a small fee.
•Look into solar chargers for cell phones, etc.

•Back-to-school season is a great time to talk to kids and teachers about the importance of waste reduction and recycling. Talk to your child and teachers about how to reduce the amount of waste they create, reuse what they can and recycle the rest..and why this is important.

Happy 2011-2012 School Year!
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